The history of the Wutkowski family company is over 20 years old. The headquarters of the plant is in Śliwice – a town located in the heart of Bory Tucholskie. The total production area of ​​our factory exceeds 6000 sq.m. We employ over 210 employees, annually we produce approx. 80,000 chairs, upholstered furniture – 1,200 sets.

Throughout all the years of our existence on the market, we have been systematically increasing our production, investing in new technologies and introducing new product lines.

The constantly growing number of customers testifies to the high quality of our products. Our furniture is mainly intended for interior furnishings such as: dining room, bedroom, living room, hall, home office. We also make individual customer orders.

We have a network of stores and wholesalers throughout the country and we are exporters to European Union countries. We also have our own transport base and we are able to reach every customer, both in Poland and abroad.